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ActiviTea CIC
(trading as Art Ninja HQ and Ninja-Swim)

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ActiviTea CIC trades as Art Ninja HQ and Ninja-Swim. 'CIC' stands for Community Interest Company, a not for profit business whose profits are fed back into programmes which benefit the community. You can read an overview of the projects we do each year HERE.

Art Ninja HQ provides art, cultural and creative enrichment to address the needs of the community and provide support for creative expression for health, wellness and socialisation. You can read more about it HERE.

Ninja-Swim provides swimming lessons for children and adults in small classes with exceptional swimming teachers. The Ninja-Swim element of ActiviTea CIC financially supports the work of Art Ninja HQ and enables us to keep the costs as low as possible. Ninja-Swim follows a programme devised over 30 years by Ken Carstairs, our (volunteer) Head Coach at Ninja-Swim, it is our priority to ensure all swimmers are taught in this tried and tested method unique to Ninja-Swim to ensure they progress quickly and learn to respect the water. Find out more about Ninja-Swim HERE.


Art Ninja HQ is also partially funded through grants and donations for access to the studio and for classes. The team of volunteers kindly donate wonderful crafted items to sell in the Community Shop to help support what we do. You can purchase them from Art Ninja HQ or through the online SHOP.

Who is the Director of ActiviTea CIC?

ActiviTea CIC is run by me, Mia Monroe and my team of Art Ninjas.

You can find out more about me HERE.

How can you get involved? 

Art Ninja HQ is always looking for volunteers to help at events or to just collect donated items from the local area. It can also be a good opportunity to gain some work experience either in Art Ninja HQ or with Ninja-Swim, so please get in touch and I will do my best to help. You can help us by telling your friends and just coming along, or by donating hand crafted goods to sell as a fundraiser, or even a donation would be so gratefully received.

How can I donate? 

If you have any unwanted craft or art materials please consider donating them to Art Ninja HQ, they would most definitely not go to waste! At Art Ninja HQ we focus on repurposing waste and everyday items, but art and craft materials are our biggest outlay, and it is brilliant to be able to make use of unwanted items. Just get in touch to arrange collection or drop off.

There is a £ donation page set up through PayPal, click the button below, which accepts donations whether you have your own PayPal account or not. Donations are also gratefully accepted at Art Ninja HQ.

Art Ninja HQ is also part of the Lincoln Community Lottery which means by buying a ticket through our own page you will benefit us, other local groups and have a chance of a big cash win! 

EasyFundraising is a simple way to donate cash back from your normal shopping by going through the Art Ninja HQ EasyFundraising page on the website or App before you make a purchase. It is really easy and a great way to help us without costing you a thing! The app is particularly easy. (Amazon, eBay and loads of other stores on there you might use).

There are also cash back donations when you buy insurance, holidays, internet, mobile phones. I bought my car insurance by going through the Easy Fundraising page and it was great to see a nice chunk go to Art Ninja HQ. 

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