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Monday - closed ( unless there is a special class or event )

Tuesday - 9am - 8pm

Wednesday - 9am - 8pm

Thursday - closed ( unless there is a special class or event )

Friday - 9am - 5pm

Saturday - 9am - 5pm 

(Sunday - sometimes open!)

OPEN WORKSHOP IS -time in Art Ninja HQ to enjoy doing your own thing or follow along with the weekly project.
BOOK A CLASS  if you want to enjoy learning a more specialist craft or art skill. 
More coming soon...
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BOOK NINJA KNITTERS if you want to meet other crafts people, learn a new skill or just a chat.


Get in touch, I am happy to include the class you are looking for or work in any other ideas you might have. I have plans for longer courses and a young peoples session too (over age 10). 


With Covid restrictions the classes are limited to 6 attendees at the moment, there will be more classes added when restrictions ease in the summer so let me know so I can add yours in. Support groups are allowed 15 so please come along, the Covid safety guidelines are here


( Art Ninja Chief )