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Sketchbook library


I believe everyone is an artist! The more creative work we see and experience the more inspired we become. DoodleBooks Sketchbook Library is a fun community project designed to get everyone involved in being creative and sharing their work in the library. The DoodleBooks collection will become a significent archive of social history. The collection will be based within Art Ninja HQ and will also become part of the roaming DoodleBooks exhbition.​

What can I do in my DoodleBook? 

Everything! Anything goes. Use it as a visual journal or to document your life. Doodle and draw, paint, write, colour, compose or even sew into your DoodleBook. Express who you are in anyway you feel is right for you - make it your own.

You could have a theme for your DoodleBook such as 'my wedding' or 'school', 'work', 'pets' or 'holidays', 'travels' or maybe 'landscapes' or 'colour'. You could use it as a visual diary too. It is really up to you.

The only limitation is to not use acrylic paints as they can stick the pages together. Avoid having any loose bits too, ensure everything is attached so it all stays with your DoodleBook. Decorate the cover as you wish.







Registration cards 

Registration cards are included with your DoodleBook pack. There is a card for you to write your mobile number, so I can notify you when your DoodleBook is being looked at - such a great feeling knowing your DoodleBook is being enjoyed! 

How do I get a DoodleBook? 

DoodleBooks are available from the shop at £12.00 (or £6 for a pack with no supplies) each, including your DoodleBook (A5), and some arty treats to get you started! They all come packed in a box with instructions and registration cards to return with your book. Take your time, there's no time limit on when to return your DoodleBook for inclusion in the library. They make a great gift too.

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