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DoodleBooks at Art Ninja HQ

The DoodleBooks sketchbook library project is a unique way in which people can connect through creativity. Designed to ‘inspire, motivate and connect’ the project will provide a valuable documentary, and a showcase of resources for the community, while reflecting life expressed through the eyes of creativity....and it’s fun! The library will sometimes go on its travels, as a roaming mini exhibition, showcasing diverse community creativity.


Add your voice to the collection and become part of the roaming exhibition!


You will receive your DoodleBook which is A5 in size with 32 thick cartridge pages, packed in a box to fit through your letterbox. Suitable for watercolour and ink, it has no show through or bleed through with paint, pen or anything else you might use. 


Your Doodlebook pack has two options - with treats, which will also come with a pencil, drawing pen, maybe some pastels and a few coloured pencils  - just to get you on your way. Full details of the project are included in the pack. Makes a great gift.


Your second option is a DoodleBook in wallet - which has no art treats but still the same great DoodleBook, project details but in a protective and handy wallet.





    Your DoodleBook is sourced from sustainable sources and has acid free paper to ensure your work can have a long and happy life. It has a soft white 160gsm cartridge paper with a natural cover. The paper stock is strong enough to take watercolours and pen without bleed through, it has a gentle texture. Please avoid using acrylics and glitters as these stick the pages together. Elements which move and/or are stuck on to the pages should be avoided as they can become dislodged when viewed and this would be a shame.

    Remember we need you to use the sketchbook we supplied, this is to ensure longevity of the DoodleBook library, so they all fit on the shelves and that we can easily transport the collection for the roaming gallery. With everyone having the same sketchbook this becomes part of the challenge too! You can use it any way round you like. Even take it apart and put it back together with fold out pages, cut outs on the pages, anything you can think of! - as long as it comes back the same finished size as it was originally.

    You can use one theme for your DoodleBook or a mixture of any. Please note down the themes (on your database card) so we can use this as a way to search out common ideas around the same theme, like you would in a book library. Library users can look through the database of sketchbook information cards and use that to see if they would like to view your book, so add anything you would like to share on your card.

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